Introducing North Light Film Studios

The North Light Film Studios, whilst being one of the largest independent studios in the North, is not just about studio space. It owns a variety of land and buildings which offers wide scope for interior and exterior adaptation.
Alongside this, you’ll find an amazingly supportive team who will go the extra mile to ensure your project works for you and is on hand to help you create whatever you need whether it is for films, TV drama's or commercials.
As well as the studio spaces and locations there is a large parking area, prop store, construction workshop, canteen area and full production office suites.


The North Light Film Studios has four different sized studios providing flexible space for film & TV productions.

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Facilities - North Light Film Studios

The North Light Film Studios are in an ideal location set in the middle of the production hubs of Manchester and Leeds. The large Studio complex provides plenty of scope for interior and exterior adaptation, with a studio team on hand and a good crew and supplier contact base to help you create whatever you need.

Main Stages:

Studio 1   39m x 12m (5038 sq ft)
Studio 2   39m x 21.1m (8859 sq ft)
Studio 3   17m x 14m (2562 sq ft)
Studio 4   12m x 11.6m (1497 sq ft)

Studios 1 and 2 have laser levelled flooring.
A plan of the studio layouts can be downloaded here: Studios

Other Facilities:
●  Main Production Office Suite
●  Art Department
●  Accounts Department Office
●  Construction and Painter’s Workshop
●  Kitchen Facilities
●  Props Store
●  Additional flexible space
●  Large parking area for unit base vehicles



Unlike most studios, the North Light Film Studios have not just the production and set build spaces but own a variety of internal and external locations including:
Fishing dam
Georgian country house
Mill buildings
Art gallery
Dance hall
Offices and corridors
Please click here for Photographs of the above.

In addition we have a back lot for shooting street scenes and have undeveloped buildings suitable for barn/basement/tunnel scenes.

Being on the edge of the Pennines and Peak District, we are minutes away from reservoirs, moors and farmland as well as a variety of towns and villages. We have local expert knowledge and can provide support for identifying further locations suitable for your production in the surrounding area.